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Lange Eye Institute in The Villages



If you have been considering cataract surgery in The Villages then you may want to consider coming to The Lange Eye Institute.  The Lange Eye Institute has the very latest state of the art eye care center for surgical, medical, optical and nutritional eye care.  The Institute has both primary eye care physicians ( board certified optometric physicians ) and Ophthalmologists.  Patients from all over the country come to The Lange Eye Institute  for their expertise in  nutritional eye care and traditional medical and surgical eye care.  Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures done at The Lange Eye Institute and all of the latest technology is utilized to get the most accurate results possible.  All of the surgeons  at  The Lange Eye  Institute have done 1000s of surgical procedures ranging from cataracts, glaucoma, oculoplastic and retina.  A lot of time is taken with each patient to determine what they are a best candidate for.  Many things must be taken into consideration prior to cataract surgery.  The doctors and the staff will sit down with the patient and evaluate their lifestyle carefully to determine what type of procedure  and implant is right for that individual.  Each surgery is customized for each patient.  Some of the many options for cataract surgery are:  1. multifocal implants ( allow patient to see far and near without glasses )  2.  toric implants ( correct astigmatism)  3. monofocal implants ( great distance vision if minimal astigmatism, patient will need reading glasses)  4.  Monovision ( correct one eye for near and one eye for far).   The Surgeons at The Lange Eye Institute are now using the latest in Laser Cataract surgery to even further enhance the results and minimize post operative recovery time.   Each patient will also be counseled on what their insurance covers and what is not covered so there will be no surprises financially after the procedure.  Seaborn Hunt, III MD  is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist with years of experience in Cataract Surgery.  Dr Seaborn Hunt has outstanding results using the very latest surgical technology and implant technology at The Lange Eye Institute. Dr Hunt has done thousands of successful cataract procedures on patients that live in The Villages.

If you live in The Villages and looking for a kind, caring experienced team to evaluate your cataracts and all of your eye care needs come to The Lange Eye Institute.  call 352 753-4014.   image